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Next time you’re looking for a job, it might be worthchecking the gender of the chief executive’s children。


Research has found that having a daughtersignificantly impacts how CEOs run their companies。


In particular, CEOs with daughters are more likely tooffer childcare, let employees work flexible hoursand have a more diverse workforce。


If the main decision maker has a female child, the company is also generally nicer to employees- and this effect is even greater if the daughter is the CEO’s first-born child。


For example, Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates has two daughters and a son。



The Washington-based firm runs a scheme called Microsoft Corporate Citizenship that investsin human rights, diversity, funds computer science programs and runs employee benefit schemes。



To study the impact of a child’s gender on a chief executive’s policies, Professor Henrik Cronqvist from the University of Miami and Associate Professor Frank Yu, from China Europe International Business School studied the decisions made by almost 400 CEOs。


Almost 4 percent of these executives were women, and between them the group had a total of1,000 children。


‘Previous research has shown that there’s some element of truth to the tale told in the filmDespicable Me, where the villain is transformed from being ‘super bad’ to ‘super dad’ after hehas to father three little girls,’ explained the researchers。


‘We already know that judges with daughters tend to vote more liberally。 So too arecongressmen with daughters, especially when it comes to reproductive rights issues。


‘This is the first time, though, that the effect on the behaviour of chief executives of large UScorporations has been examined。’


The most significant impact spotted in the results was to do with corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues related to diversity。


Previous research has shown that CSR issues cover childcare, flexible working, redundancies,and sharing profits with employees。


It also covers how women, minorities and/or the disabled are treated。此外,還包括女性、少數民族和(或)殘疾人的待遇問題。

‘We found that, in general, these groups tend to fare better at firms with chief executives whohave daughters,’ the researchers continued。 ‘


Interestingly enough, having a son doesn’t have the same results mentioned above and firmsthat change from a chief executive who has a daughter to one who doesn’t see a noticeable fall-off in these types of CSR-related initiatives。’


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